East Grafton Exterior Repaint

East Grafton Exterior Repaint

Here the customer had areas of siding replaced and wanted to get the entire home repainted with a slight color change on the siding and went from gray to off white on the trim. First, we power washed the entire home. Next, we primed a few areas and did some re-caulking. Then, we painted the siding 2 coats with Hallman Lindsay Weatherguard Low Sheen Paints. Next we brushed and rolled 3 coats on the trim to go from gray to white. Last, we painted the shutters, a flower box and the front door and sidelights a shade of black. The customer was happy and everything turned out wonderful!

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  • Project Type: Exterior Repaint
  • Products Used: Hallman Lindsay Weatherguard Low Sheen Paints
  • Location: East Grafton

East Grafton, WI

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