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Our Services - Golden Rule Painting

Would you like to have a new paint job that would provide a wow factor in your home? The paint professionals at Golden Rule Painting are dedicated to providing superior painting service to our neighbors in the West Bend area. We only use the highest quality paint, labor, and materials to deliver the best possible finished paint product to your home.

Our experienced West Bend painters can provide the following services:

Interior painting

Interior Painting

If you want your West Bend home to look absolutely perfect, then you should hire a professional West Bend interior painter. Doing the job yourself tends to be more of a hassle than homeowners plan. A painting company can paint your whole home or just one room. If you hire a professional, you can trust the job will get done right.

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Exterior painting

Exterior Painting

When you hire Golden Rule Painting, you can rest assured that our West Bend exterior painters will give you a high-quality exterior paint job will survive the hot summers and cold winters without blistering, cracking, or peeling.

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Cabinet refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing

The cabinets in your kitchen play an immense role in defining the look and feel of the living space. If your cabinets are old, damaged, and unsightly, it is hard for you and your family to enjoy the area to the utmost. One way that you can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your kitchen is by refinishing your cabinetry.

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Furniture refinishing

Furniture Refinishing

Wood furniture is naturally beautiful. Its warm hues work well with any interior design scheme, from rustic to modern. The grain of wood furniture is always unique. However, over time, wood can become damaged, paint can be chipped, and stain can fade.

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Interior staining

Interior Staining

Golden Rule Painting can take care of all your interior staining needs. Our skilled interior stainers have all the necessary techniques needed to provide you with a high-quality stain for all your wooden surfaces, from wood floor staining to trim staining to furniture staining.

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Exterior staining

Exterior Staining

Any West Bend deck or fence requires proper maintenance to resist the outside elements. A good quality stain and sealer should be applied to your deck and fence for extra protection. Exterior wood staining and finishing by Golden Rule Painting will give you peace of mind and help you avoid costly wood repairs in the future.

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Epoxy polyurea floors

Epoxy/Polyurea Floors

Our West Bend Epoxy Polyurea Floor specialists offer high-quality Epoxy and Polyurea Floor Coating services for your garage floor. You don't have to just "let the floor go." You can make it look just as nice as the rest of your home. Putting an epoxy coating on the floor of your West Bend garage will make it feel like another room in your home.

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Waterless cleaning

Waterless Cleaning

At Golden Rule Painting, our West Bend painting contractors have a specialized method that can keep your brick and masonry looking fantastic: waterless cleaning. Waterless brick and masonry cleaning poultice is a biodegradable latex coating that has wetting agents and surfactants within it.

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Pressure washing

Pressure Washing

If your home is beginning to show its age with black stains on its exterior, then you may not have to get a fresh coat of paint applied to its surface. Before you decide to repaint your home, consider having your home's exterior serviced by a pressure washing professional.

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Painted woodwork

Painted Woodwork

If the interior of your home seems dim and dreary, you might want to consider getting it repainted. A new paint job can go a long way to revitalizing your rooms, but that may not be enough in some cases. Your woodwork, especially dark stained woodwork, can actually be the cause of your lighting problem.

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If you are looking for an expert West Bend painting contractor, then please call 262-353-5907 or complete our online request form.