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Aluminum Siding Painting In Cedarburg, WI

Aluminum siding painting in cedarburg wi

Here, the customer wanted to change the color of the aluminum siding. We painted everything except the gutters and downspouts, since they were going to be replaced afterwords. The entirety of the house and the shed were first washed, then caulk was used to touch up a few areas. The entire shed, the new front posts, and the upper rear porch railing were all primed with XIM Peel Bond Primer. Next, two coats of Hallman Lindsay's Weatherguard Low Sheen Paints were sprayed on the siding. One coat was sprayed on the soffits and fascia. Finally, we made some touch ups and finished off the trim on the shed, front porch, and the upper rear porch.

  • Project Type: Exterior Painting
  • Products Used: XIM Peel Bond Primer and Hallman Lindsay's Weatherguard Low Sheen Paints

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