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House Exterior Painting And Staining In Big Cedar Lake, WI

House exterior painting and staining in big cedar lake wi

Here the customer had a few siding boards replaced and wanted the whole house exterior painting done and also had the main deck and pool deck which needed exterior staining. First, we power washed everything. Next, we replaced a few more boards, did some caulking and coated most of the home in XIM Peel Bond Primer. The before photos show after the primer. The we sprayed 2 Coats, back brushed the 1st Coat on all the siding with Hallman Lindsay Timbershades Solid Color Stains. Then we brushed and rolled 2 Coats on all the trim. Finally, we stained both decks with Hallman Lindsay Timbershades Semi Transparent Oil Stains.

Everything turned out great and the customer was very happy. Finding a skilled and dependable painting contractor to take on your painting projects is important. Golden Rule painting has been proudly serving the West Bend area for many years and plans to continue doing so for many more years to come.

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If you are looking for an expert Big Cedar Lake, WI exterior painting or exterior staining contractor, then please call 262-353-5907 or complete our online request form.